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Our PPC team is fully qualified to manage Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing-Yahoo Search Marketing, ad networks, as well as craft campaigns that guarantee your investment is well spent and maximized for conversion. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on social media sites, such as the Facebook PPC model, is also very effective, but ultimately more focused on brand awareness and market recognition. The customer journey through the buying process has changed and will continue to do so. Make sure your business is on top of this evolution. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Position Your Brand, Services and/or Products on the Front End

A well-orchestrated PPC online advertising campaign is designed to yield immediate results and is routinely used to stimulate sales and maintain cash flow while the organic SEO campaign takes shape. In fact, in highly competitive niche markets, SEM should be treated as a mission-critical add-on to the overall marketing plan, and can also be an important tool in understanding fluctuating market trends through A-B landing page testing. Finally, this technique can also provide valuable information about consumer preferences and allow for any necessary tweaking of the overall strategy.

If you can’t wait to promote your website, or if your business depends on a fast turnaround of products/services, this form of advertising is definitely for you. It will effectively drive prospective clients to your website, raise your profile and increase your customer base