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*The exotic menu at Caspian Persian Grill provides an English description of each dish so you don’t have to master Persian Language for a culinary adventure.
*Even the best of culinary risk-takers might have their confidence shaken trying to pronounce the menu items at Caspian Persian Grill : Koobideh, Aash e Reshteh, bademjan and doogh abali, just to name a few.
*The cuisine is like a colorful Persian carpet with lots of tiny pieces to it, very refined with levels of flavors in each dish.

Caspian Persian Grill  is a culinary ambassador for a cuisine more than 3000 years old. Even with its ancient pedigree, the food fits remarkable well with today’s healthier eating trends.

Noosheh Jan (bon appétit)

Try our Tree of Life Pomegranate Wine

Pomegranate, an ancient fruit of the Biblical Tree of Life, has gained huge popularity in the US during the last few years.

Pomegranate is a wonderful fruit known throughout the world for its qualities as a rich source of antioxidants. Tree of Life pomegranate wine retains this fruit’s purported flavor, character and qualities. Enjoy this wine daily and discover the mythical secrets of the pomegranate, going back to the ancient world and Biblical times when people believed that the pomegranate was the true fruit of the Tree of Life.
Persian Tradition - Shiraz 'PERSEPOLIS'
Monterey County 2010

''Deep red with purple hue, aromas of violets, wild berries and a pinch of pepper. The palate is lush and rich, ripe and fruit forward with red berries, plums, juicy black cherry flavours and a hint of oak that will leave with a mouthwatering finish.''

This Shiraz is a tribute to the old city of Persepolis that was built by King Darius near the city of Shiraz.
From Monterey County on the Central Coast in California this Shiraz is uniquely created to pair with the Persian cuisine.

Persian Tradition - Chardonnay 'ISFAHAN'
Santa Barbara County 2012

''Golden yellow in color, creamy vanilla, apricots and ripe pineapple on the nose. The palate is firm and fruit driven with an essence of tropical fruits and a touch of creaminess that intergrates wonderfully with delicate oak notes.''

Try this Chardonnay with an eggplant dish like 'kashke bademjan', a homemade stew like 'ghoreshte ghehmeh' or with grilled saffron chicken skewers.


 Pasha Persian G
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